Summer learning programs for kids who learn and think differently

At a glance

  • Many districts are trying to make summer school more fun and engaging.

  • Some kids may be eligible for special education services during the summer.

  • Summer learning options can range from free programs at public schools or libraries to pricey specialized camps.

Even when school is out for the summer, kids can keep learning through a summer learning program. Summer can be a great time to learn new skills and keep old ones from getting rusty. 

Some summer programs focus on academics. Others focus on enrichment, like arts or athletics. And many programs offer a mix of both. 

Summer learning can help struggling students catch up — and hopefully have some fun along the way. Explore summer learning options for kids who learn and think differently.

Dive deeper

Key takeaways

  • Summer programs include extended school year (ESY) services, summer school, or other local classes.

  • Summer ESY is optional.

  • Summer learning can be important. But so is starting school relaxed and rested.


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