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the dyslexic advantage


“Learning Disorder or Asset?” An Excerpt From “The Dyslexic Advantage”

Throughout his school career, Doug struggled with reading and writing. He flunked out of community c...

Mother smiling as she watches her son writing and drawing in a notebook


Our 3 Key Messages for Kids With Dyslexia

At some point, every child with dyslexia will ask: “Why are things so much harder for me than for my...

video clip from the video “because I’m dyslexic”


Why We Made the Video “Because I’m Dyslexic”

Late in February, our nonprofit, Dyslexic Advantage, released a three-minute video—“Because I’m Dysl...

Grade school boy sitting on the ground outside school using a computer tablet and smiling


A New View of “Smart” for Kids With Learning and Attention Issues

Over the last 30 years, researchers have realized something important about success. They’ve discove...

Close-up of student in class reading and writing in class


Stealth Dyslexia: How Some Dyslexic Students Escape Detection

Recently, The New Yorker magazine published an interview with Fumiko Hoeft, one of the world’s top d...

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