Download: Tools to Help Faith Leaders Include Kids Struggling With Behavior and Social Skills

By Andrew M.I. Lee, JD
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Inclusion Fact Sheet for Faith Leaders

Information Card for Faith Leaders to Get to Know Your Child

Raising kids in faith is important to many families. But it can be hard for kids who struggle with behavior and social skills to take part in religious services. Some kids have trouble sitting still, or speak out at the wrong time. Others may have ADHD, autism, and other challenges.

How can you make sure your child is included in your faith community? These tools can help. You’ll find:

  • A fact sheet you can give to your faith leader. It includes research from Andrew Whitehead of Clemson University. It also has recommendations from Jewish, Muslim, and Christian inclusion experts.

  • An information card to help your faith leader understand your child’s challenges and what your child needs to take part in religious services. There’s a blank version to fill out, and a sample you can look at.

If it’s more comfortable for you, you can send the fact sheet to your faith leader anonymously. Keep in mind that most faith leaders want to help. But they might need help understanding how to help.

About the Author

About the Author

Andrew M.I. Lee, JD 

is an editor and former attorney who strives to help people understand complex legal, education, and parenting issues.

Reviewed by

Reviewed by

Mark J. Griffin, PhD 

was the founding headmaster of Eagle Hill School, a school for children with specific learning disabilities.

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