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Checklist: Signs Your Child Is Ready for a Cell Phone

By Lexi Walters Wright

Having a cell phone can help your child be more independent as well as fit in socially. And it can give you some peace of mind. But cell phones can be a mixed blessing. They’re distracting—especially for kids with learning and attention issues who may already have trouble with focus.

To be a responsible cell phone user, your child needs certain skills and abilities. The questions below can help you assess whether she’s ready. If you can’t answer “yes” to most of them, keep in mind that she doesn’t have to start out with a smartphone. Basic starter cell phones limit the calls kids can send and receive—and some don’t offer texting or Internet access.

Can your child handle the responsibility?
Does your child know how to use a cell phone appropriately?
Will your child be able to communicate effectively on a cell phone?
Does your child need a cell phone?
Are you ready for your child to have a cell phone?

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