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Louise Baigelman, MEd

Executive Director, Story Shares

Louise Baigelman, MEd, is the co-founder and executive director of Story Shares. This nonprofit literacy hub encourages authors to produce stories that are age-appropriate and of high interest to teens and adults who are reading below their grade level. She launched the Story Shares project in 2013 as part of her work as a program manager at the Poses Family Foundation.

Baigelman was an English teacher at KIPP Academy in Lynn, Massachusetts. There, she led the English Language Learner program and taught reading and writing to middle school students. She was also a member of the charter corps of Teach for America, Boston, and worked as a literacy coach in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and as an afterschool writing teacher in Palo Alto, California.

A graduate of Cornell University, she received a master’s degree in education from Boston University.

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