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Priscila Tamplain, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Texas at Arlington

Priscila Tamplain, PhD, is an associate professor in the department of kinesiology and the director of the Developmental Motor Cognition Lab at the University of Texas at Arlington. She holds a BS and an MS in kinesiology from the Federal University of Parana, and a PhD in motor neuroscience from Texas A&M University. Her research focuses on assessment, mechanisms, and interventions in typical and atypical development, with a particular focus on children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD).

Tamplain founded the Little Mavs Movement Academy, a group intervention program for children with motor difficulties. She has been the recipient of the Lolas E. Halverson Motor Development Young Investigator Award, a distinction given in recognition of outstanding contributions to research in motor development and learning; and NASPSPA’s Early Career Distinguished Scholar Award for outstanding achievement of scholars who are still in the early stage of their scientific careers.

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