ADHD in grade school: 4 signs you might see

Are you concerned your grade-schooler has ADHD? There are a lot of things you might notice beyond kids being fidgety or “hyper.” Here are signs of ADHD you might see in grade school.

1. Trouble finishing anything

Kids with ADHD can be easily distracted by noises, sights, and even their own thoughts. Your child may start putting toys away but abandon the job to see why the dog is barking. At school, your child may know the answer to test questions, but leaves some of them blank.

2. Constantly talking

Kids with ADHD often talk nonstop and without filtering what they say. Your child may interrupt while you’re on the phone or take forever to tell a story. At school, your child may get in trouble for talking when it’s quiet time.

3. Needing to have things now

Kids with ADHD can be impulsive and struggle with self-control. They might have trouble waiting for or giving up on what they want. Your child may argue and pester for something long after you’ve said no. At school, your child may cut to the front of the line and insist on being first.

4. Daydreaming

Kids with ADHD often have trouble paying attention and following directions. They might seem off in the clouds. Your child may ask “what?” a lot even when you’re talking one-on-one. At school, your child might get in trouble for not following directions.

See more signs of ADHD in kids. And find out what to do if you think your child might have ADHD.


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