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Checklist: Questions to Ask the School About Early Screening

By The Understood Team

When your child is in kindergarten, first or second grade, she may show early signs of learning issues. If you think she needs help, you can always ask for a special education evaluation. But the school may also have other ways to identify struggling students. This is called early screening.

One example is response to intervention (RTI). This is a process many schools use that includes screening for all kids. You can help your child by understanding how the school screens kids for learning and attention issues. Here are some questions you can ask.

School Policy on Early Screening
Teacher Training
Early Screening Practices and Response to Intervention
Next Steps After Screening

After early screening, the next step may be to get your child help at school. If your child has reading issues, you may want to ask the school about its reading curriculum. It can also be helpful to learn about the school’s math instruction.

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