Download: Parent-Teacher Conference Surveys

By Julie Rawe

Parent-Teacher Conference: 2-Minute Parent Survey PDF

Parent-Teacher Conference: 2-Minute Teacher Survey PDF

Parent-Teacher Conference: 2-Minute Student Survey PDF

Have you ever had a parent-teacher conference where you and the teacher didn’t see eye to eye? Or where you had a hard time understanding each other’s point of view?

With a little preparation, a better conversation is possible. The key is for you and the teacher to understand more about each other’s perspective. To help bridge the gap, here are three quick surveys that you can download: one for the teacher, one for you, and one for your child to fill out. These surveys only take a minute or two to complete.

The surveys are designed to make it easy for you and the teacher to compare answers. The goal is to help both of you talk about what’s similar and what’s different in how you view things. Talking about the surveys can clear up misunderstandings. It can also build a better relationship between you and the teacher.

It’s best to fill out the surveys a few days before the conference. Ask politely if the teacher would be willing to try the survey with you. If you don’t get the surveys done ahead of time, you can bring a paper copy to the conference. Just make sure the teacher agrees in advance.

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