Does My Child Need to Be Evaluated to Get a 504 Plan?

By Barbara Hubert, MSEd
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A doctor diagnosed my child’s ADHD. Does my child still need to be evaluated by the school to get a 504 plan?


Yes. Before offering a 504 plan to your child, the school must do a formal evaluation. Having a diagnosis may be helpful to your child, but it doesn’t get rid of this requirement.

Each school district must have a written 504 plan policy. The 504 plan evaluation process may differ from district to district. However, all school districts must look at a mix of information about a student from several sources. The medical diagnosis can be one source. Other sources might include teacher recommendations and test scores.

If you’re interested in a 504 plan, you may also be thinking about an IEP. An evaluation for an IEP is often longer and more involved than an evaluation for a 504 plan. However, the IEP evaluation can double as a 504 evaluation, too.

You can request a 504 plan. The school can do this, too. Either you or the school staff can reach out to the person responsible for 504 plans in the school district (usually, the special education or 504 coordinator). This is best done in writing.

About the Author

About the Author

Barbara Hubert, MSEd 

an adjunct instructor at Hunter College, teaches grad students how to create supportive, accessible, inclusive classrooms.

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