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Checklist: Signs of ADHD at Different Ages

By The Understood Team

It’s not always easy to spot ADHD symptoms. This checklist can help give you an idea of whether your child is showing signs of ADHD. Refer to this list as you observe your child over time. Keep in mind that all kids occasionally act in some of these ways. But kids with ADHD struggle a lot more with these behaviors than other kids their age.

If you’re concerned your child might have ADHD, you can print the checklist and talk with your child’s doctor about what you’re seeing.

Signs of ADHD in Preschool–Grade 2
Signs of ADHD in Grades 3–7
Signs of ADHD in Teens

Learn more about ADHD. Find out how ADHD is diagnosed. And get tips on what to do if you think your child could have ADHD.

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