Download: Picture Schedules for Daily Routines

By Andrew M.I. Lee, JD

Getting Ready for School PDF

Getting Ready for Bed PDF

Afterschool Routine PDF

Cleaning Up Room PDF

Daily routines—like getting ready for school—can be hard for kids to stick to, especially if they’re easily distracted or have trouble with organization. Picture schedules and visual planners can help. They’re simpler and easier to follow than written schedules.

A typical picture schedule uses images to show kids what they need to do to finish an activity or complete a routine. It also shows them the order to do things in. If kids miss a step, a picture schedule is an easy reminder that can prevent arguments.

Here are a few examples of different picture schedules. Use them as is, or customize them to match your family’s routines. To customize, just print them out. Then cut out the images and paste or attach them in the order you want.

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