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Managing everyday challenges

What If This Is a Lost School Year? (Without Losing the Learning)

What if this is a lost school year? Amanda Morin shares how she’s approaching that difficult questio…


Social Distancing Challenges: Tips to Help Kids at School

Kids who learn and think differently may have trouble staying 6 feet apart at school. Get tips to he…

Homework and study skills

9 Flexible Thinking Activities for Kids

How can you help kids build flexible thinking skills? Try these flexible thinking activities and gam…

Learning at home

Distance learning helped me see my child’s struggles and what she needs to thrive

Through distance learning, two essential workers noticed their 6-year-old daughter’s trouble with re…

In It: A podcast on raising kids who learn and think differently

Discover In It, a podcast that explores the joys and frustrations of raising kids who learn and think differently.