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Back-to-School Anxiety in Kids: What to Watch Out For This Year

Back-to-school anxiety is common this year as the COVID pandemic continues. For some kids, anxiety i…

Homework and study skills

School Refusal: How to Help Your Child Cope

Some kids may be so anxious about starting the school year this year they flat-out refuse. Here’s ho…

Talking with your child

Perspectives: Talking With Kids About Racial Injustice

Get perspectives from a child psychologist, teachers, parents, and young adults on talking with kids…

Daily expectations for your child

When You Say Screen Time’s Over, How Does Your Child React?

When you say screen time's over, does your child ignore you? Have an outburst? Find out why kids hav…

In It: A podcast on raising kids who learn and think differently

Discover In It, a podcast that explores the joys and frustrations of raising kids who learn and think differently.